Victoria's Chinese Pentecostal Church, Annual Picnic 2005.07 at Mount Douglas Park

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While not quite posed, we see in this preliminary photo, the majority of the annual picnic attendees. All three sub-congregations were well represented: the Cantonese Speaking Service; the Mandarin Speaking Service and the English Speaking Service

PLEASE NOTE this photo is almost 1700 pixels wide, so you may need to scroll to the right to see everyone in the picture.

Middle section of large congregational photo of Victoria Chinese Pentecostal ChurchMiddle row of people in group photo taken at July Picnic of Victoria's Chinese Pentecostal Chruch
Bottom rows seated in grass at picnic of Chinese Church

Victoria Chinese Pentecostal Church
2215 Dowler Place
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8T 4H4
(250) 386-1523
(250) 386-1525

Senior Pastor
Reverend Laurence Wan
Chinese Ministry
Phone: (250) 386-1523
Fax: (250) 386-1527

Associate Pastor
Reverend Debbie Dergousoff
English Ministry
Phone: (250) 386-1525
Fax: (250) 386-1527

This photo is currently hosted at website as there has been a long history of joint projects between Victorie's Chinese Pentecostal Church as Victoria's Chinese Presbyterian Church  Just as there have been a number of families with memberships in both Christian organizations.