Victoria's Chinese Presbyterian Church in Canada

To God the glory - Chinese text


OMF International work in Japan missionary visit

OMF International's missionary work in Japan is supported in part by contributions from the Chinese Presbyterian Church in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

Here we have a photo of missionary Tony Schmidt giving the Victoria congregation a update on his first 4 years of work in Japan.  He made special note that it is particularly appreciated that sponsorship help is being rendered by members of the Church who directly experienced the events of Japan's actions in China and Asia during World War II. 

The emphasis of the mission work, of he and his wife Pat, in the next few years is to help develop self sustaining indigenous Christian leaders in the Church that he is helping grow in Japan.

In this photo, taken in December 2001, Reverend Paul Lam is translating Reverend Tony Schmidt's message from English into Cantonese Chinese.

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Pastor  Paul Lam translates into Chinese, OMF International's Tony Schmidt's update on mission work in Japan.