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Year 2003 - Events Sampler

Umland family formally joins congregation in 2003- welcome Peter, Kathryn & Anna!
CLICK FOR BIG PHOTO of   new family joins the congregation in 2003 - Welcome Peter, Kathryn & Anna!
Contemporary Music Group CLICK FOR BIG PHOTO of contemporary Christian music inspiration group during Christmas family night service
Senior Women's Choir CLICK FOR BIG PHOTO of Senior Women's Bible Study Group Choir
Young Guitarists CLICK FOR BIG PHOTO of young guitarist
College Bible Study Skits CLICK FOR BIG PHOTO - College Bible study group skit
Scan of page one of Victoria News Oct. 29, 2003
page 2 - scan of newspaper article
[Copyright 2003 - Victoria News: a newsgroup publication article & photo by Don Descoteau, Victoria News Staff. The following is a direct quote from the article by Mr. Descoteau ]

Caption to the photo, to the left, in the scan of Oct. 29, 2003 news article reads "Rev. Paul Lam of the Chinese Presbyterian Church in Victoria has history at his fingertips in the form of photos from the early days of his church.  Instituted in 1892, the house of worship is Canada's oldest continuously operated Chinese church.

In the office of Victoria's Chinese Presbyterian Church, Rev. Paul Lam carefully places a large flimsily wrapped cardboard box on the table.

As he peels back layers of weathered-looking paper, faces appear from underneath.  They are the faces of children, church elders and other parishioners, captured in sepia tone photos dating from the early 20th century.

Lam, the 22nd minister installed at the church since it was set up as a mission for Victoria's Chinese community by the white Presbyterians in 1892, proudly states that his church is the longest continuously operating Chinese church in Canada.

"I feel very proud of the heritage of our church," he says. "The chruch has done good work over the years, helping with problems in the community and educating children, not just in religiion but in Chinese culture."

The church has had four different locations since its beginning, but has been housed in the current modest building at 802 North Park St. since 1922.

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