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To God the glory - Chinese text

Chinese Presbyterian Church Victoria, BC. Canada

1924 Photo of Chinese language school students of Victoria's Chinese Presbyterian Church (Reverand Leung to the left)

This photo taken in 1924 shows Reverand Leung Moi Fong with about 60 children from almost presechool to teens - making up the Chinese language school classes offered by the Chinese Presbyterian Church in Victorai, B.C. Canada.

The students are standing facing North Park Stret, with the side of the Church Manse in the background (the church is on adjoining lot to the immediate right of this picture).  The Manse was a large building situated where the current church parking lot is (on the corner of Blanshard Street and North Park Street).  For those viewers unfamiliar with Victoria, the location of the Church (and former Manse) property is 3 short blocks from the City Hall, 2 blocks from the old Police Station and 2 1/2 city blocks from "Chinatown".

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Pictures of the previous Elders, Ministers, Interim Moderators, Deaconess's, Minister's Manse (where the parking lot now is situated), Chinese and English Language classes, early Young People's Society activities would be welcome.

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